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Healing Fireball Publications is pleased to present a line of gaming aids aimed toward making your fantasy world a richer, more realistic setting, while making your life easier.  From hit point counters and graph paper to character guides, settings and magic items, you will find something to streamline your campaign, enhance your character or just make your life a little more interesting


Lattest News

05/05/17 – That Aquarium over there contains some of the strange fauna only found where light never goes.  Caves are cold, dark, wet places filled with strange landscapes and unique life forms. Adventurers often find that they must plumb these forbidden depths looking for the treasures that they hold. Unfortunately, caves often feel empty save the collection of monsters and traps that are there to test the party. Well, never fear -- your friends here at Healing Fireball Publications have created a collection of tables designed to add the life back to theses dark regions and allow players to come face-to-face with some of the strangest fauna in the world.  As always, all this for a mere 50¢.