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Healing Fireball Publications is pleased to present a line of gaming aids aimed toward making your fantasy world a richer, more realistic setting, while making your life easier.  From hit point counters and graph paper to character guides, settings and magic items, you will find something to streamline your campaign, enhance your character or just make your life a little more interesting


Lattest News

4/14/17 – Those giant fangs came from a now-extinct giant cat some of our friends had the misfortune to encounter in a mad wizard's menagerie. The ice age - a time when giant creatures and some of the most unusual and vicious predators roamed the land. But beyond the classic woolly mammoth and saber-toothed tiger, what kind of creatures roamed the frozen tundra?  We hope to answer that question and make the Ice Age settings in your world a more interesting and lively place with Healing Fireball’s latest Two Bit Table: Random Ice Age Encounters.  Includes 6 tables covering the unique life of the ice age from saber-toothed animals to the strange Megafauna only found at this time.  As always, all this for a mere 50₵.